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tv   [untitled]    January 3, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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jeremy ju has snowboarded nearly every big slope in the world he started when many riders were not even board and still sas professional. writing his movies and signature boards have been selling like hotcakes but even having i can statues jones keeps pushing his limits he says every time he rushes down a mountain you feels like he opened up porto to the dimension. we welcome to the show thank you very much for being with us today well first of all please tell us about that movie that brought you to moscow. recently completed a movie called further it took two years to film it was shot in. her excuse me and start shot in the arctic circle japan alaska and we go into these mountains that no one's really ever been in or snowboard we
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hike. we hike our way up the mountains and snowboard down when the conditions are right and it's really. a documentary on the highs and lows of what it takes to go into these controlled environments where you go through there to kind of faster it would have a lot higher i hold that the first film is called deep or this one is called further. if i have the opportunity the third all be called higher but it is going to be higher is day it's going to russia or china will go it won't. you know. potentially all those you know all those locations i have a growing list of places i'd like to snowboard at and watch develop throughout the year and gather a bunch of information and then determine where the best. no is. writing a review
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a still wouldn't question yes i know you were in two thousand and five i was in cross ny a pollyanna. so chilling with the olympics going to be spent when i was there actually they rate around the time when they were talking about it being in the olympics and that was the spring i was there in february there's all i feel like they were talking about and we're like there's no way that's happening and then we got home and had the olympics because i was nobody but but but but people say especially guys like you know the off piste extreme skis that it's one of the best places and in the world in custody is that true that is definitely true i've been fortunate to snowboard around the world and i hold. some of the best in the world and ones that i would love was so special about cole it's the proximity to the ocean. a coastal snow pack so the snow sticks to steeper.
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slope as you know it's a for less avalanche danger still still plenty of allies danger but much more manageable and it's just the shape of the mountains the quality of the snow is beautiful i mean the sights and for you to fall it's very manly. there relatively unexplored which is you can't say that about you know maybe i speak like a skier but i mean crest there poland and sochi is not as good as the alps for example because we you get so cold so much snow i mean i mean it's sort of a soft it's so the icy snow that you need for the speed is that a factor first there were no i mean i for for me the ultimate conditions are soft snow i do the motor and and it isn't too heavy for the boredom because even if you have you know you know i mean you have a good size mountains there so the top. some cold snow and then for sure you can
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have sticky what's known that's not the snow more is a little bit better than skis for those conditions ok you said that you doing that they do make a third movie so is it true that you are becoming. not as much of a skier snowboarder than like a producer in the business and no well i would certainly put it close to turning point in your career and still my passion is the actual snowboarding reluctant kind of a reluctant. movie maker because i have all been about fifty films up until these two that i made myself and what inspired me to make this change and really get my hands dirty and get more involved in the movie making. was to. i wanted to go to these places that you can only get to hiking and all the other movie companies said you can't do that you need
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helicopters the cameras rolling work and so i said that's fine and i kind of started from scratch with a different new cameraman and more money or just i was doing what it can always use mobile phones i mean there's. absolutely listen i was amazed when i will i know i know you're a legend i mean in the sports bit but when people told me that you preferred better control you prefer no infrastructure do you do do you really claiming and so what i mean that should be fun but it's really time consuming. it is. is that what you yeah it's a one to three runs a day but at this point i've been so worried for twenty five years and to me i mean from the start it's always been about were i get the greatest experience and for me . i learned a while back that. i'm really into the quality not quantity i take one of
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the so i'm really going out and seeking that ultimate run really the best run of my life and i'm going to be awake yeah. the more time that it takes to. get it than the more the payoff is and the higher the high when you look for that out some details of the slope do you do you often get skewed i mean i mean how do you how do you come promoters with the instinct of self-preservation who will get scared of what yeah i do and the scarier you look down and beat before you start you know fear is a very important motion to have in the mountains. it motivates us it really. it when i go into the mountains we we really put a lot of energy into studying the mountains it's very common for us to turn around halfway up the slope because we don't like what's happening so. we use the fear we
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can turn the fear and to cough and then we keep moving up the mountain and if we can't get there then we turn around i don't like to say being scared in the mountains of fear is one thing but scared it's time to. go home take a break he has a couple of drinks and they listen to. what the biggest threats things you do i mean when you we're out there alone i mean a big deal is it in a clear for me i maybe stupidity i mean what. yeah definitely being in the right mindset is really important really believing. and that's why i like camping and really immersing myself in the mountains opposed to just going in for the day i feel like i do my best work when totally disconnected from the outside world and just living in the wilderness environment but there's no question. avalanches are
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the biggest danger and they avalanche conditions dictate everything we do in the mountains do you do you do i mean is it going to be a sport for example if it's important if it's dangerous i mean kerry seems closer with you to set it off before you go do you do you do things like that or what do you want to natural i mean you know. the problem with an explosive is. it's not a crazy question because there are effective but we are coming from the bottom of the mountain and up to the top and. you can really throw an explosive at the bottom of the mountain and have an if so where that works i do friends that are healthy ski guides and it's really a factor for them when they fly in and land on the top to throw some explosives but . we don't really mess with explosives. so would around the
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sport that many extreme skiers extreme sports from the day that there were at least the lead drugs i mean every had to have a drugs i've ever done drugs. grass i mean. some casual grass as you would call and still do order no just in. mountain culture it's. pretty common it's as common as having a beer at the end of the day so it's part of the sport i mean yeah i mean as there's a. super competitive side of om snowboarding that is before long. drug testing i mean it's the sport is much different from what it was and eighty's and ninety's drug testing meant to much different thing than what it means today back then you would. those early riders would test the drug i remember i was in the old
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reveal in the olympics it was the first of the allowed snowboarding read and they were going to go a wood and they got yeah yeah yeah yeah and they tested it with marijuana so what nobody told me was against the law actually i didn't know no no i don't think the people at the olympics i mean it at the high level of the sport is to point now where we are some of the last party lifestyle just out of necessity because the level so. either you can't be doing drugs or going out partying all night and then show up the next day and ride at the level that needs to that you need to says jeremy jones there is no snowboarder extreme or and recently a filmmaker the spotlight will be back shortly off to a break so stay with us. choose
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to find out more visit our big dog all teeth dog called. welcome back to spotlight i'm al gore and often just to remind you that my guest on the show today is jeremy jones he's world famous snowboarder and extreme athlete and also a filmmaker who just made his second movie about so warding of course. let's talk about alaska skiing a lot but i've never been to alaska and people say it like one of the most wonderful places in the i know you've been there a lot is it true is it worth going i highly recommend going to alaska it is pretty expensive and it's very far away it's very far away but if you i still have ever were bet on the world and there's
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a ton of special places out there but alaska is really in all the of its own you know what's especially with. a little bit there's the wilderness one well you know it's a very untouched land. and the shape of the mountains and the quality of the snow is really like a snowboarder or skier. mostly skilled and well you'll see in the film we're obviously not being in there but it's a lot of. access being there is a couple really good resorts there and then there is a growing back entry movement i know you told me about that dream dream. hell you look a looking for but what about a dream place is there a dream place in the world way where you want to be haven't been to yet. thanks keefer man a barista would have read it oh. yeah there's a lot of on the exciting thing with. snowboarding or skiing for that matter is we
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really have. just touched you know one or two percent of the world's mountains so there's a lot of room for. those it's very easy to go find a place where no one's ever been and be out there by yourself and i think that in today's world of chaos that's kind of a very special thing that i'm grateful for you thirty seven you said he went to high school with a buddy miller he's thirty five in i think you quit. what about yours it's time for you to quit i mean. no i mean i i gad been getting that question asked of me for at least ten years and. so wording is a part of my life will always be a part of my life it will i will. i was in alaska for example with a guy who was seventy two just climbed a unclimbed mountain and skied down and talked to him a lot about the jedi and and i have
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a lot of friends in their fifty's that i still can't keep up with in the mountains so in my biggest mentors. in their late forty's mid fifty's so i think one thing. things are changing in this world with there used to be a deal where you hit forty and so all your tories and get a new couch that's clearly change and kelly slater's another example of. he's close to forty you know on his way to wins twelve point two hundred fifty i suddenly realized that i couldn't afford as many forces as they could when i was thirty because the baby does the joints and they're the best at the different i mean i mean he you should learn to do that without falling yeah there's no question i am. a. i take a lot less risk that i don't like to fall nearly as much and i'm a different i do wonderful but it's no fun to be with me i don't much different
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snowboarder thirty seven than i was at seventeen even when i'm still working at fifty seven i'm sure i'll be much different of this no more than i am today what mahmoud to me i mean you know you just told me you've seen it all i mean you the trying to get the quality then the quantity i mean what's. the exciting thing is i can go out regularly. go experience i just feel like a great tool for me an experience wilderness and nature. and it's purest form. the bottom line is it makes me feel really good at the end of the day and i bring that energy back to my house back to my town and it's you know i want to get the most out of this life and so far the snowboarding provided a great. great moments for me is it possible to
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to make what you do a real i mean a real competitor. did you think this is possible or you should stay as it is i mean it's so i think a hiking thing well there is a free ride world tour there was an event one or two years in. in sochi. it's a great tour from a personal level. not. that doesn't drive me i'm not trying to beat the next guy down the mountain or what have you so. my wildest dreams i can imagine to be an olympic sport but when i started snowboarding in eighty five if you told me snowboarding would have been in the olympics i would have said you're crazy so when i started doing skiing at that was about forty years ago and i carried the skis in moscow subway people looked at me said the sort of a hunter or something because the big the big phrase was hunting you know in the
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tie got in the. ok what does your wife say. issues kids no borders i live to spend quite a bit of time to be there and so she. you know i read a snowboarder oh you know i married a snowboarder it's too much a part of my life. to be with someone that doesn't and at least have some connection to it and i told my aunt. and now that i work and what would it does it does well because you know because when we started i thought that it was it was too much too much of a problem when the when i went away for a weekend you must have to go away somewhere because you can't ski ski there in that next year house you had to go away for grand days and she said come on. dating so i'll go with you ok so she sure was a good she was a good student got a pretty pretty little kids. my kids have a four and a seven year old. my daughter just recently kind of put her foot down last winter
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and said i'm only snowboarding now but they've come up oh skiing and snowboarding and whatever again whatever makes them happy and i did it just for fun just for fun and you know obviously very young. and you know my kids i try to expose them to a bunch of different things in life and see which ones they have the biggest connection with believe that i bought. the first key is to make you what he was to . them these thirteen days better than me and me i mean it's amazing how. small the media look different from the guy says i did like when they were twenty i mean absolutely different one of the you who taught you i mean somebody who well when did you study itself well i started. around eighty five. there was a lot on reason was i was nine years old. and.
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there was no one to teach me i really like to skateboard i like to serve and i just won my backyard in one hike up to the top and down and about four years in snowboarding it was a lot of my home resort. and kind of put my skis away for good at that point was there some sort of a legend somebody that you wanted to be like but my idol what was killing him in joke with really i mean he was i read all his books i mean it was me i would be his pictures old i had my rear vision of ago that yeah i've been fortunate i mean. especially back then was so. such a. small intimate sport that. before long i found myself. riding with some of the sport's biggest legend and took influences from all but i
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would say craig kelly i learned a ton from him he was probably my first guy that i really idolized and then on from there. he's taught me a ton in the mountains as far as the back country side of things and and kind of on from there and the other thing that's cool is you have these guys that maybe aren't sponsor but live in these mountain towns and they're really i mean some of my biggest inspiration comes from guys who. are professionals but do it at a very high level because because today jeremy jones is the going to keep pictures in the wall so need money now the how the world is right. if few years ago you took. environment to his me to become an environmentalist. did anything up and. well you see in stopping at me it's an ongoing battle i mean we are the foundation i started protect our winners is forty thousand strong
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in we've gotten to a size where we are able to do some positive things but we have i achieved no i mean the climate is climate change is still largely. running out of control there's been no real policy change there's been a mean we've made some progress in a lot of ways we've also taken steps back but as a foundation we continue to grow and that's the key to you know the bigger we get the more effective we can do you think sports do you think athletes really really can their open mean. because you know a poet solutions i mean rick absolutely i think that athletes do have people say what do you know about. i mean well they will i could tell you where we know about i've been in the mountains my whole life and what motivated me to start the foundation was seeing skeery as clothes that used to be open when i was
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a kid that aren't open anymore because it doesn't snow anymore going to specific ways. you can know that i watched. almost rapidly recede in where the point being used to be all the right of way should which are left which is great here now you ride the glacier and hike forty five minutes to that so those are i don't need to be a scientist to see that the mountains are changing. and i think that out the way it's do. it's in a lot of them of become ambassadors to protect our winners because they've had that same experience of anecdotal climate change that's happened in their lifetime. one of the noble it is one of the famous guy i do remember said that if people have invented a snowboard before the ski they would have never used the skis do you believe is
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this true for sure have you tried skiing yes i grew up scenes. as a great sport. i mean skiing was developed for necessity to move around the mountains. and it is a very effective to tool for moving around the mountains but. no i think that they . they're both wonderful sports and whatever makes you happy at the end of the day skiing is faster is it. just yeah i think that if you put it depends you. perfect amount of powder it's arguable on you go to the downhill your i went on a person you are sure yeah it's easy to walk with well without telling us where you walk away but you know when you're down yeah ok ok thank you thank you very much and dad was a real buzz it's akio and just a reminder that jeremy giles was my guest spondylitis day job and yes that was one
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of the most famous path leads in the world next snowboarder he's made a film and now brought it here to russia spotlight and will be back with more personal comments on what's going on in and outside russia until then stay in our teeth and take it.
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so. plenty. more news today violence is once again fled up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada . corporations are relieved a. look. at the colin told. her mother.
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would speak. to. her her. mother wish her. luck her mum is a good. mum. mum just see. her. come out of my mind i'm a little. slow for. the first six.
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